Coastal Pre- Release Center (L1-A)
3765 Leeds Avenue
Charleston, Sc 29405
843-740-1630 or 843-740-1631
Warden: Mildred Hudson 843-740-1630 or 843-740-1631
Chaplains: Corrine Cosentino 843-740-1630
*Mrs. Cosentino is not a chaplain but serves as Volunteer Service Coordinator. Therefore she would be the person to contact to coordinate any type of Catholic Programming/Masses.
Prison Population: 141
Number Of Registered Catholics: 5
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: None
Catholic Programs Offered: None
Types Of Educational Tools: None
Sacraments Offered- None
Number Of Catholics Participating: None
Ministry’s Budget: None
No Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year. No Monthly “REUNIONS” are held.