Broad River Correctional Institution (L3)
4460 Broad River Road
Columbia, Sc 29210 803-896-2234
Warden: Robert M. Stevenson 803-896-2234
Chaplains: James Brown 803-896-2133 Brown.James@doc.state.SC.US
Reggie Cruse 803-896-2893 or 803-687-0098
Glenn Sherman 803-896-2133 Sherman.Glenn@doc.state.SC.US
Population Of Prison 1100 To1200
Number Of Registered Catholics: 42
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Deacon Carl Johnson from St. Martin de Porres 803-786-9277
He is a certified SC Department of Correction Prison Chaplain – our Catholic Volunteer/Leader
The possibility for monthly Mass & Sacrament of Reconciliation is under discussion with Fr. David Whitmen 803-772-7400 from Our Lady of the Hills & Fr. Zray 803-254-7646 from St. Joseph Church in Columbia
Sacraments Offered: Communion Services every Friday. Penance/upon request
Bishop Robert Guglielmone offered a Penance Service followed by a Christmas Mass on December 23, 2011.
Catholic Programs Offered: Every Friday from 9:OO-10:3O AM
Text being used is “Invitation” The Search for God, Self and Church. (Books are available in English and Spanish). The Classes include a teaching lesson, discussion and tests. Awards and certificates will be given out A communion service will be held during the last 30 minutes of class. Stations of the Cross are planned for the Lenten Season. Rosaries with instructions are given to residents for their private prayer time.
Number Of Catholics Participating: Approximately 18-23
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: 25 Books On The Journey – 2009 Lent
2 Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year. #31 April 2012 1152 residents have made the Kairos Weekend The Volunteer Coordinator is Lou Warren 803-790-8818. The procedures for selecting the monthly “REUNIONS” are determined by alphabet (A to H) and (I to Z) and numbers (100-150 men) on a monthly rotating basis. There are 18 to 20 Kairos volunteers who assist at the monthly “REUNIONS.”