Beaufort County Detention Center
106 Ribaut Road
Beaufort, SC 29902
Director: Philip Foot 843-255-5200
Chaplain: Randy Roberts 843-255-5200 Ext. 5182 e-mail unavailable at this time
Re-Entry Program Director: Counselor Barns 843-255-5200 ext 5182
Population Of Detention Center: 450
Number Of Registered Catholics: Unknown
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Fr. Paul McKnell 843-522-9555
St. Peter
70 Lady’s Island Dr.
Beaufort, SC 29907
Deacon Michael Beeler 843-522-9555
St Peter
70 Lady’s Island Drive
Beaufort, SC 29907
Mass & Sacraments Offered: With the Bishop’s approval “The Rite of Communion Outside of Mass” is offered to the Catholic men and women in the jail.
Catholic Volunteer Instructor(S): There are 2 men and 2 women from the parish who assist Deacon Beeler.
The Detention Center Requires All Volunteers to attend 2 – 5 hour training classes in order to partake in any jail ministry. Once completed, the volunteer is certified for entering the detention center for visitation.
Programs Offered: Every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 PM a Catholic Reflection Program is offered in the jail library. They study and discuss the upcoming Sunday’s readings reflecting on what the scriptures teach them and how it applies to their life. The session begins with a Prayer to the Holy Spirit and ends with The Prison Prayer by Paulist Press.
In order for Fr. Paul McKnell to visit with any inmate the incarcerated prisoner must make a request to be visited by a priest and be put on his visitation list. Then the Chaplain will contact Father and set up an appointment time for him to come in and visit with the inmate.
Text Books Used: a 26 chapter text titled, Invitation -The Search for God-Self and the Church
Numbers Of Catholics Participating: Very few identify themselves as Catholic – 3 to 4 men attend
Ministry Budget: None
Requested Items: 100 New American Bibles in English and Spanish
Kairos Weekends Offered: None Monthly “Reunions”: None
Catholic Programs: None
Weekly Christian Prayer Group sessions are held in the evening from 7:00-8:30 pm.
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: Mr. Harrell informed Pam Rice of the Pre-Release changes he was about to direct and institute for the entire state prison system at Manning Correctional Institution. He asked the Catholic Diocese of Charleston Prison Ministry Office to lead and implement a “Fatherhood Program” as one of the component parts of the 90-120 day Pre-Release Program format for the State of South Carolina Prison System. (More details on this can be found on the Manning Correctional Institution’s Report in this book.)
Kairos Weekends Held Per Year: None