Allendale Correctional Institution (L2)
1057 Revolutionary Trail
Fairfax, Sc 29827 803-632-2561
WARDEN: JOHN R. PATE 803-632-2561
Fax 803-632-2498
Chaplains: 803-734-0653 Cleveland Stokes (Mon.-Fri 8AM-4PM) Stokes.Cleveland@doc.state.SC.US
John Porter (Part Time-Mon,Tues.Thurs. 8AM-2:30PM) Porter.John@doc.state.SC.US
Prison Population: 1295 (Approximate)
Number Of Registered Catholics: 60
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Fr. Artur Przywara St. Mary Mission 803-534-8177
Sacraments Offered: Eucharist/Weekly Penance/upon request
Catholic Volunteer Instructors: Pat & Gary Janelle 803-655-5136 ASSISTED BY:Pam Phillips (Nurse) & Charlotte Taylor, PhD (Counselor)
Programs Offered: Catechism Class once a month- third Tuesday 7:00-9:00 PM
Number Of Catholics Participating: Approximately 12-22 (1 out of 4 are Spanish*)
Program includes the Rosary, teaching and sharing time.
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: Mass Missals & RCIA Program
* Spanish speaking volunteer needed to meet the needs of the Catholic Hispanics.
2 Kairos Weekends Per Year. #11 Held IN April 2012. 396 inmates have made the weekend. Allendale’s Volunteer Coordinator is Gary Jeffords 803-245-5454. Periodically, Deacon Patrick Sheehan (843) 785-8240 from St Francis by the Sea Parish in Hilton Head Island volunteers to work the weekends. The monthly “REUNIONS” for the 100 men in attendance are conducted by 12 volunteers from many cities around the Allendale area.