Parish Stewardship Renewal Calendar

Timetable for Conducting Stewardship Sunday

Parish Stewardship Renewal Calendar2019-04-01T14:25:43-04:00

This timetable in reverse shows the sequencing of activities for conducting a Stewardship effort in the parish.

To use the following calendar, first establish the date of Stewardship Commitment Sunday, then fill in the dates working backwards from there. On this calendar, the “X” represents Commitment Sunday. For example, the designation “X-10” in the calendar signifies ’10 weeks before Commitment Sunday’.

Weeks till Commitment Sunday Date Description
X-10 Week of: Pastor and Stewardship Council begin recruiting lay witnesses to speak at all Masses on Weekend 1 and Weekend 2. If the parish is not able to recruit volunteers from the parish, the diocese will help provide lay witnesses. Generally speaking, it is much more effective to use individuals from your parish.
X-9 Week of: Mailings to parishioners are planned and scheduled beginning this week.
X-8 Week of: Envelopes and letterhead for cover letters are ordered from local printer.
X-7 Week of: Article about Stewardship is written for the parish newsletter, if there is one (printed or email). It is also appropriate to include a one-page insert in your weekly bulletin.
X-6 Week of: Special activities, such as making posters or banners, are planned and assigned. Lists of parish’s time and talent opportunities are developed.
X-5 Week of: First bulletin announcement is placed in church bulletin. Coordinate volunteers for Ministry Fair.
X-4 Week of: Lay witnesses meet with pastor to coordinate their remarks. Second bulletin announcement is placed in church bulletin.
X-3 Week of: Mailing #1 is sent to all parishioners following this weekend. “What is Stewardship?” Third bulletin announcement is placed in church bulletin.
X-2 Week of: WEEKEND #1. Pastor’s homily #1. First lay witness presentation. The fourth bulletin is placed in church bulletin.
X-1 Week of: WEEKEND #2. Pastor’s homily #2. Second lay witness presentation. The fifth bulletin announcement is placed in church bulletin, announcing that commitment cards will be mailed to homes during the week and they are to be returned to church the following weekend.
X Week of: WEEKEND #3 COMMITMENT SUNDAY. Pastor’s homily #3. Cards are presented at Mass. Sixth bulletin announcement is placed in church bulletin. Sponsor a Ministry Fair after Masses.
X Week of: During the week, a thank-you mailing is made to those parishioners who have responded with commitment cards.