Very Important!

Early collaboration with the Office of Multimedia in the planning stages of your project is recommended. To schedule an initial meeting to discuss your project, please fill out as much of this form as you are able and email to Anne Clark at along with a request for a meeting.

If you do not need a planning meeting, please complete all sections of the form below and submit.

All elements needed to fulfill your request — including approved and edited print-ready copy, high-quality photos, etc. — must be ready when the request is submitted. Work will not begin on your project until all required elements are received. Please review the project questions list prior to submitting this form. Contact Anne Clark at or at extension 0513 if you have any questions.

Project Questions for You to Consider

Here are a few important questions for you and your team to have answered prior to submitting your Creative Request Form.

What are the complete marketing objectives, strategic goals, and expectations?
Before you do anything, you should share these very important job requisites with us.

Simply put, what are the one or two things you need people to know or walk away with once they’ve seen the piece we create for you?

Knowing specific copy points or subjects for photography are some of the things we’d like to know upfront. On the flip side, knowing from you what’s flexible or optional is just as important to us.

To whom are you talking? Clergy? DREs? Youth and young adults who are active in their parish? The more specific you can get the better.

Writing and design of a marketing collateral piece for a Catholic young adult and a potential donor is totally different. The piece we ultimately create should take on a different level of sophistication depending on who the target is and what’s unique about them.

In direct mail terms, this is called a ‘call-to-action’. Do you need recipients/viewers to call a number for information on a specific program, register online for tickets to a concert, e-mail to RSVP for an important event? Your piece should include one very specific call-to-action.

Depending on your needs, your request may require enough funds to cover costs associated with design, printing and mailing. Knowing a specific budget number at the start is most helpful for us. However, if you don’t have something locked down, a ballpark number is sufficient in the early stages of creative development.

Knowing the true deadline upfront will allow us to know how many creative options we can provide and what our printing options should be.

Creative Request Form