Catholic Engaged Encounter is a highly effective marriage preparation program designed to meet the needs of today’s engaged couples. It is an in-depth, private, personal, couple experience within the context of Catholic faith and values, but is not limited to Catholic couples. The weekend offers each couple the insights, the tools and the confidence to enrich their relationship and strengthen their love of one another. Couples are called to strive for a sacramental way of life through the vocation of marriage

What happens on a weekend?
It is a quiet weekend specifically designed to give you the opportunity to talk honestly and intensively about your future together. Throughout the weekend, engaged couples are encouraged through presentations by two married couples to use a dynamic process of writing, listening, and dialogue to share privately with each other. The weekend begins the process of building a life together, a process which takes a lifetime to complete.

Why should we go on an Engaged Encounter Weekend?
Ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to spend a weekend devoted to hearing ideas and learning skills that will help make my marriage the best it can be?” One weekend preparing for the rest of your life together is so little compared to how much time you will spend preparing for your wedding, which is just one day.

Where are weekends held?
We have residential and in parish weekends. For additional information and to register, please click on the following link: