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ANNOUNCEMENT: Director of Music/Organist

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church is currently seeking a Director of Music/Organist to begin in the late summer or early fall of 2024. Interested candidates should possess a degree in music and have knowledge and expertise in playing the organ. Under the direction of the Pastor, the director will facilitate music for all liturgical celebrations, provide organ/piano music for all liturgies and celebrations which include but are not limited to Holy Days of Obligation and Sacraments. The director will recruit, form, train, and direct choirs/cantors, ensembles, and orchestras. Additionally, the Director of Music/Organist is a part of the parish staff and has the responsibility of administering the music budget and participating in parish staff meetings and other staff events.

Interested candidates must have a working knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic liturgy and musical traditions of the church. They should have a high degree of proficiency with the organ being the principal instrument and capable of providing musical leadership during liturgies. Candidates must understand the teachings of the Catholic Church and possess knowledge of a quality repertoire of liturgical music that spans various styles and forms.

Please send resumes/CV and all qualifications, including videos of musical performances or liturgical celebrations, to Dr. Chris Trott, Parish Manager, at

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church is located in Bluffton, South Carolina, which is located about 20 miles away from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and about 30 miles from Savannah, Georgia. The parish is the largest populated Catholic Church in the state of South Carolina and is currently served by four assigned parish priests, two retired support priests, and eight deacons. The parish was dedicated on September 3, 2000, the Feast of St. Gregory the Great.


Primary Goal and Purpose: Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church, with its rich history of providing high-quality music for the liturgy, is looking for a talented individual who can build upon the existing program. The Music Director/Organist is an active member of the parish team, and, in communion with the pastor, is responsible for the design, facilitation, and implementation of the parish liturgical music program in a manner that promotes “that full, conscious, and active participation,” called for by the very nature of liturgical rites in the Roman Catholic tradition.

In collaboration with the pastor and clergy, staff members, and parishioners, the Music Director/Organist is charged with integrating music ministry into the overall parish mission,

facilitating music for liturgical celebrations, cultivating an appreciation of sacred music, selecting team members to facilitate the development of the parish music repertoire, and leading liturgy(s). Additionally, the Music Director/Organist will provide organ and piano music in a professional manner for liturgies and special parish events and Sacraments, including, but not limited to weddings and funerals.

Reports To: Pastor (with administrative oversight from the Parish Manager)

Type: Exempt

Primary Areas of Responsibility:

Parish Community

· Assist the Pastor in identifying the Core Philosophy of the Music Ministry and the role it will play in liturgy.

· Coordinate with the Pastor in determining the Parish Repertoire for all liturgies: Sunday and Holy Day masses, weddings, funerals, and designated parish celebrations and programs. In consultation with the Pastor, plan the Liturgical Year preferably one season in advance.

· Lead the choir, instrumentalists and the assembly at liturgies and/or select team leaders to assist in leading liturgies.

· Maintain a structure that maintains consistency within the ministry.

· Recruit, train, and develop cantors that are under the direction of the Director of Music.

· Oversee the Sound System and all the equipment associated with the Sound System, including the livestreaming equipment. Ensure that the sound system is staffed whenever it is used.

· Prepare worship aids for designated celebrations or oversee the preparation of the Worship Aid by Administrative Staff.

· Consult with leaders of liturgical and social ministries on the use of sacred music in their activities, including with the Hispanic Ministry community.

o Work with and support Hispanic Music Ministry Director to help maintain consistent, quality music at Spanish liturgies

· Provide appropriate communication to the community regarding musical forms used in liturgies, seasonal variations, or upcoming activities.

· Participate as a standing member of the Worship and Liturgy Group that meets periodically throughout the year.

· Develop and maintain an emergent library of sacred musical compositions.

· Budget and manage the musical assets and expenses of the community. Maintain an overall inventory of musical equipment, materials, etc.

Parish Music Ministry

· Recruit, train, direct, and supervise vocalists and instrumentalists.

· Form, rehearse, and schedule choirs, ensembles, orchestras, etc. as required.

· Select, train, supervise, and mentor music leaders (i.e. choir leaders) as required.

· Develop formal and informal communication on a regular basis with choir leaders (i.e. assistant directors).

· Develop formal and informal communication procedures that adequately inform members of upcoming events and activities.

· Instill a sense of service and stewardship within the Ministry.

Catholic Church and Diocese

· Expand working knowledge and appreciation of Catholic liturgical and musical traditions.

· Assure that parish use of music conforms to Church and diocesan directives.

· Participate and encourage parish musicians to participate in diocese wide liturgies and celebrations when feasible.

· Encourage participation in local workshops for Music Ministry participants.

Sacred Music Community

· Maintain professional skills through personal practice and continuing education opportunities.

· Maintain active membership in appropriate professional societies focused on sacred music and music in liturgy.

· Attend appropriate local, regional, or national seminars or symposia on music in liturgy.

Parish Staff

· Implement policies and guidelines for the Pastor and Parish Manager.

· With the Parish Manager and Finance Office, develop and administer a budget for Music Ministry programs.

· Establish and maintain office hours that are consistent with the requirements of the ministry.

· Attend scheduled staff meetings and ensure adequate communication is maintained to coordinate Music Ministry events and activities with other parish functions.


Background and Interpersonal Skills

· High degree of proficiency with a principal instrument capable of providing musical leadership during liturgies, especially through organ and piano.

· Working knowledge of other instruments that might be used in a liturgical setting and appropriate usage of these instruments in a Liturgical Setting.

· Effective choral and instrumental conductor capable of directing both amateur and professional musicians, leading a choir in vocal exercises and providing vocal training as needed.

· Demonstrable skill as a leader of congregational singing.

· Skilled at interpersonal relationships with experience and knowledge to deal with negative situations effectively; the ability to look to the bigger picture and the core philosophy of the Ministry when making decisions; the ability to work as a team player and to encourage team building whenever possible with staff as well as designated team leaders within own Ministry.

· Ability to lead and train musicians in music theory and application.

· Possess extensive knowledge of a quality repertoire of liturgical music that spans various styles and forms.

· Understand the integration of musical and liturgical forms as practiced in the traditions and Canons of the Catholic Church.

· Understands the teachings of the Catholic Church including scripture, sacraments, creed, and morality.

· Ability to help others identify their gifts and talents within the ecclesial and civic communities.

· Ability to plan, coordinate, and communicate with those involved in parish programs.

· Ability to evaluate outcomes and adjust programs accordingly.

· Ability to monitor expenses and maintain a budget.

· Understand, as a lay minister, that personal lifestyle should reflect the teachings of the Church.

· Understand and implement parish and diocesan guidelines concerning safe environment and strict adherence to the parish safe environment program.

Training and Education

· Degree in Music/Organ Performance (Masters preferred) or related field.


· Minimum of 5 years experience in liturgical music

· Minimum of 2 years choral directing experience

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary: based on experience and qualifications

Additional opportunities:

Funerals ($300/funeral as primary Organist/Music Director)*

* funerals are generally paid through the local funeral home and director receives a 1099 from the funeral home

Weddings ($350/wedding as primary Organist/Music Director)**

** is collected through the parish office and paid through the payroll system, in accordance to diocesan policy

Full-Time Benefit Package Options:

· Medical and Dental benefits

· Retirement (403b) benefits


· Sick and Vacation time is accrued using the Diocese of Charleston’s protocols for employees

o Additional 4 weekends off with permission from the Pastor/Parish Manager

§ Holy Week, Easter, Christmas and other weeks are not available

Performance Reviews:

Scheduled by the Pastor.

To apply for this job email your details to