Retreats are a time away from our normal activities to spend time getting reacquainted with God, to examine the priorities of life and to make concrete and practical resolutions for improvement so that we can live happier lives. Retreats can be a powerful step toward personal conversion.

Retreats are offered for entire parishes or groups within a parish, faculty at the beginning of a new school year or to celebrate a convocation or special anniversary for a school or institution. Often times during the liturgical calendar year, retreats are offered during Advent and Lent or Pentecost and most especially for RCIA special events. A “Busy-Person’s Retreat” can be offered at a parish providing individual sessions for a directed spiritual retreat during the day or evening.

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Offered by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Rejoicing In Suffering With St. Paul

Ministry Workshops

Would you like to give your lay volunteers some theological background about why their service for the Church is so important? Understand how Catholics can understand a variety of images of the Church and see how their parish functions and how they can look at opportunities for improvement to serve the People of God.

Workshops can be designed to meet the individual needs of your parish. Is communication an issue within your various communities? We are here to help and serve you.

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