The Office of Family Life is co-sponsoring the Journey of Hope, a Conference for Divorce Recovery August 4-6 at the Charleston Marriot Hotel (170 Lockwood Boulevard). Journey of Hope offers much needed support to the divorced community through compassion and inspiring speakers, uplifting music, good food and fellowship. Those who attend will receive tools for healing and growing in faith, a chance to encounter God’s healing grace and presence through the sacraments, and come away feeling inspired and refreshed. Speakers include Fr. Jeff Kirby, Rose Sweet, Fr. Thomas Loya, Jacqui Rapp, Chris Easterly, and others. Parish leaders and Group Support Facilitators are encouraged to attend as there will be a special mini-conference for you as well. Please register as soon as possible to take part in this weekend.

For more information and to register, please visit If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Family Life Office at 803-547-5063 or email us at or call Lisa Duffy at 404.493.2190.


Lord, I’m struggling. My family has changed in ways I’m finding hard to accept. Give me your peace, and the grace to understand that no one’s family is perfect. Help me recognize that everyone has limitations. Show me, and all my family members, how to adjust to what has happened. Teach me how to love the members of my family more, and to be more grateful for the ways they show their love for me. You have the power to bring good from every situation. Help me to grow from this experience. Amen

(From When Your Parents Divorce or Separate by Lynn Casella Kapusinski, MS, LGPC)