Separation & Divorce

Sometimes, marriage doesn’t go as planned. Spouses find themselves in a place of great difficulty, where separation, and even civil divorce, are seen as a last recourse. If you’re in the midst of either of these, please know that the Catholic Church wants to be near to you. She does not abandon her children, especially in times of great pain. You are not alone!

Please check out these resources and reach out to our office for help:

Widows & Widowers

“I can understand the anguish felt by those who have lost a much-loved person, a spouse with whom they have shared so much. Jesus himself was deeply moved and began to weep at the death of a friend.” Mourning a loss of a spouse has its challenges but we Catholic believe Jesus never judges or abandons us as we struggle with our grief while journeying into a new life. Pope Francis continues to say that pastoral care is necessary to “help the grieving person to realize that, after the loss of a loved one, they still have a mission to carry out.” -Pope Francis (Source:

To those who have lost a spouse, the Catholic Church is with you in your sorrow and grief. We pray for your healing, and that you may flourish in your vocation as you draw closer to Christ, the Suffering One.


Lord, I’m struggling. My family has changed in ways I’m finding hard to accept. Give me your peace, and the grace to understand that no one’s family is perfect. Help me recognize that everyone has limitations. Show me, and all my family members, how to adjust to what has happened. Teach me how to love the members of my family more, and to be more grateful for the ways they show their love for me. You have the power to bring good from every situation. Help me to grow from this experience. Amen

(From When Your Parents Divorce or Separate by Lynn Casella Kapusinski, MS, LGPC)