There’s many options to fulfill the Marriage Prep requirement.  Different couples have different needs and is not a “one size fits all”.  After you complete one of these programs, you will be given a certificate of completion to give to the parish. 

Here is a description about the various options to help you find the best fit for your relationship:

Weekend Courses:

You will find the class listings under the “calendar of classes”.  These are weekend classes offered around the state of South Carolina and each is different. While not an in-depth marriage prep program, they do introduce key talking points for you and your fiance to discuss.  Some of these classes are also offered via ZOOM.

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage:  Topics include Why Get Married in the Church, Theology of the Body, Virtues, Your Marriage Mission, Love Styles, Communication, Conflict, Managing Time, Money and Energy, Sexuality and Prayer.

Life Skills for Couples

Engaged Encounter

In-Person Mentorship Programs:

The In Home Marriage Prep mentorship program is currently being offered at St. Philip Neri Catholic Church in Fort Mill, SC.  Once a Marriage Inventory is completed,  the couple is paired with a mentor couple.  Over 6 meetings with the mentor couple, the following topics will be covered:  1. Family of Origin, 2. Marriage Expectations, 3. Communication, 4. Sex and Sexuality, 5. Making Moral Decisions, 6. Sacrament of Matrimony and 7. Couple Spirituality.  This in-depth program provides the couple with a strong foundation for marriage and provides the resources necessary to continue to grow individually and as a couple.  Cost is $100.  For more information about this program or to become a mentor couple in your own parish, please contact Natalie Burt, or 803-899-4946

Witness To Love is currently being offered in Aiken and provides one-on-one mentorship.  Topics include Communication, Conflict, Family, Friendship, Community, Wedding Vows, Sacrament of Matrimony, and Providing for Your Family’s Needs.

Online Courses With Mentorship:

Engaged with Catholic speakers Paul and Gretchen George includes watching 4 pre-recorded videos with worksheets from the In-Home Marriage Prep program.  After a couple watches the videos and completes the worksheets, they will schedule a ZOOM meeting with Paul and Gretchen.  This is best for couples that need an online version while still including some one-on-one mentorship.  Following the meeting, you will be sent a certificate of completion to give to the parish.  Cost is $120.  To register, visit:

Catholic Marriage Prep is another great online option but also provides mentorship throughout the program.  Topics include 1. Knowing You Better, 2. God’s Plan for Humanity, 3. The Sacrament of Matrimony, 4.  Formation of Conscience, 5.  Saying No to Contraception, 6. The Rite of Matrimony, 7. Forgiveness/ Your Body is a Temple, 8. Relationship Tools.  Cost is $239.  To register, visit: