H.O.P.E. Infertility Ministry

H.O.P.E. is what we aim to give our couples struggling to conceive and it’s also the acronym for our mission which is to Help wives and husbands struggling with infertility by Offering resources and support on their journey toward healing and Praying for them and with them so they may be able to Embrace through God’s grace their call to spiritual and physical parenthood.


The Family Life Office conducts prayer novenas, rosary and Holy Mass.

NOVENA to St Anne and Joachim (July)

Seven Sorrow Rosary and Holy Mass on Our Lady of Sorrows (September)


• Diocese of Charleston FertilityCare Services with NaProtechnology


• Springs in the Desert

• The Fruitful Hallow

• Sarah’s Hope and Abraham’s Promise

OTHER Resources:

• Catholic Counsellors

• Arise for Adoption

LENTEN Series for Infertility

INTO THE GARDEN: A Desert Pilgrimage

Thursdays 2/15-3/21 at 7:30pm EDT

The season of Lent, our time to prepare for Christ’s Resurrection through prayer, sacrifice, and acts of charity, is fast approaching. Many of us are looking for opportunities to pray more and immerse ourselves more deeply in Scripture and what the Passion of Christ means for us — especially in a season of infertility or loss.

To help you along the path, we invite you to join the Springs in the Desert community as we gather once again for this year’s six-week installment in our Desert Pilgrimage virtual series: Into the Garden.

It’s the fourth year of our weekly Lenten series, and we’re excited for this one! Each week we’ll be guided “into a garden” found in Scripture (there are more of them than you might realize!) with a reflection from one of our amazing team members or contributors, and time for small group sharing, community-building, and prayer.

The Lenten series has become one of our most popular offerings, but to make the small group experience fruitful, we have limited spaces open, so register today!