Since Family Honor, Inc. was established, the organization has grown to fill the many needs expressed by parents, decision-makers in faith communities, adolescents, young adults, and many other adults who want to do something positive in their own community.

Family Honor, Inc., a national, nonprofit Catholic organization, located in Columbia, South Carolina, was created in 1987 to provide opportunities for parents and children to learn to communicate effectively on important life values, with a special focus on the truth and goodness of human sexuality and the virtue of chastity.

Changes & Challenges

Ideal way for children who are on the brink of their teen years to learn about God’s wonderful gift of fertility and about the beauty of becoming an adult. This is a 2 session program, held once a week for 2 weeks in a row, on the same night each week for 2 hours each session. Included among the topics in this program are: fertility appreciation; how babies grow in the mother’s body; understanding the virtue of chastity; the SPICE concept; and whole-person sexuality. For parents with 6th grade sons or daughters.

Real Love & Real Life

Teaches parents and adolescents to build a better family life by learning to communicate, anticipate and deal with changes. This is a 4 session program, that meets once per week for 4 weeks in a row, on the same night each week, for 2 hours each session. For parents with their 8th grade sons or daughters. Topics include: fertility appreciation, learning about appropriate future dating behavior (as in older teens), developing values and responsibilities in the family, the changes in adolescence, and much more. Skits, role play, video clips, small group-breakouts, parent-child focused time, and audience participation make this a fast-paced and interesting program for both parents and adolescents.

Created to Love: Honoring God’s Gift

This program is presented on Friday night, for parents only, and all day Saturday, for parents along with teens who are in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Parents and teens are sometimes together and sometimes in separated groups. The topics are designed to help parents and teens maintain good communication and “connectedness” even as those teens move toward adulthood. Topics include: Effective Communication, Fertility Appreciation, Dating, Love vs. Infatuation and much more. Even as they move toward independence, teens still look to parents for guidance and support. This program can recharge that important relationship.

Chastity Training for Parish Leaders, Teachers, Youth Leaders, and Parents
The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family: Cultural Implications

This on-line course is designed to be highly relevant for parents, teachers, catechists, youth ministers, marriage preparation leaders, RCIA staff, chastity educators, clergy and religious, all of whom are faced with the serious responsibility to evangelize in their particular sphere of influence on the truth and meaning of human sexuality.The gift of fertility, male/female complementarity, total person sexuality, the virtuous life, chastity, marriage and family will all be presented as building blocks to understanding the implications for the right use of sexual powers, personal happiness and the good of human society. Long standing theories of psychosexual development will be presented and further supported by current brain studies and the psycho-social research on the need for human ‘connectedness.’The faith response to the cultural upheaval will be framed with the language of John Paul II’s theology of the body as well as Benedict XVI’s explanation of human sexual love in Deus Caritas Est.

For more information about the course, contact Family Honor at: or call (803) 929-0858.