Can you remember a family vacation you took as a child? When you think back you may have flashbacks of swimming during the day and seeing fireworks at night. Vacations are important to families in that they provide an opportunity to strengthen your mind, body and soul from the daily strains of existence. Vacations with children offer the much needed quality time to connect with your children. However, while you’re enjoying your time off, don’t forget those who are unable to take advantage of vacation time, especially the elderly, sick and poor. Your vacation is an opportunity to exercise your spirituality by making visits to relatives and friends who are among these groups. Also be sure to include prayer, scripture meditation and outreach in your vacation plans this summer. By doing so, you will not only have a vacation that renews your body and mind, but one that celebrates your vacation as a gift from God.

It’s always beneficial to attend Mass elsewhere to remind us that the Mass is a universal sacrifice and that we need to keep our focus on Christ and not the priest who serves us. While on vacation visiting a new Church can be a refreshing experience by offering something different from what we’ve become used to. If you are uncomfortable going to confession in your home parish, visiting a new Church is an excellent opportunity to go to confession with someone you may feel more comfortable with. To find a Catholic Church near you visit

Heavenly Father we ask for your protection over those who will take vacations over the summer months and that they complete their journey safely under your watchful eye. Grant that their vacation brings them a new awareness of the good things in life and that they return to their everyday tasks renewed physically, mentally and spiritually. Amen
Written by Church Lady 864